2005 Southern California Judges Roundtable

        I have compiled some resources on the Internet that deal with the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The items marked with a red starstar are located at this Web site (other materials are located elsewhere on the Internet):

star Changes to RRS - since April 1, 2001 there has been only one change in the 2001-04 RRS (in Appendix A) although there have been significant changes in the ISAF Codes (Advertising, Eligibility and Anti-Doping). The text and a brief explanation of the change in Appendix A is available here. ISAF's version of the changes is available at the ISAF site. In the United States, US SAILING has made several changes to its prescriptions and a summary of those changes is available here.
International Sailing Federation or ISAF (formerly the Intenational Yacht Racing Union) - the main page with links to lots of race results and other valuable sailboat racing info including:
Racing Rules of Sailing for 2001-2004 - general information page for the 2001-04 Racing Rules of Sailing, includes a partial listing of ISAF approved paper and electronic publications covering the rules as well as a Web version of the rulebook
star Learn the Racing Rules of Sailing, Guide to the Right of Way Rules - an on-line Web guide to the right of way rules in Part 2 of the 2001-04 Racing Rules of Sailing. This was written by me. [All but Section C now on-line]
star 2005-08 RRS Rules Quizes - Test your knowledge and understanding of the 2005-08 Racing Rules of Sailing with these Rules Quizes.
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  • Sailing World Magazine - this magazine is devoted exclusively to sailing and racing. I recommend it highly.

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